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Vale Tommy Grant – Professional Cyclist

Vale Tommy Grant

From The Northern Advertiser, Feb 13, 1953, page 7:

A leading State professional rider, Tommy Grant, died last Saturday morning as a result of injuries he received in a fall in the aces 5-mile scratch race at Midland Junction the previous Saturday night. He had not regained consciousness and, after an operation on Friday, contracted pneumonia.

A gloom was apparent among the cycling fraternity on Saturday at York sports, for which [the] deceased had nominated. Prior to the start of the programme all riders assembled and observed a period of reverent silence for the late rider who; aged 24, was a son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Grant, of Marmion-st., East Fremantle. Riders also wore tokens of mourning.

The memorial as photographed in the Fremantle Cemetery was erected as a tribute to Tommy Grant from his fellow members of the Fremantle Professional Cycling Club. Rest for ever in peace Tommy Grant.


Spinway in Fremantle: Celebrating Cycling the Freo Way

Spinway in Freo

Spinway WA bicycle hire vending machine located at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle.  Spinway WA is a bike hire vending machine business based on the very popular bike share systems currently running around the world.

Due to Western Australian law and our commitment at Spinway WA to bike safety all bike stations are located near a customer service counter so that bike helmets and locks can be borrowed free of charge with each bike.



Bikepacking the Holland Track in Western Australia

Salsa Anything Cage HD

Updated October 24, 2016

This post is about cycling the Holland Track from Hyden to Coolgardie with an extension on to Kalgoorlie in September, 2016 on my bikepacking configured Salsa Mukluk fatbike. This will be my inaugural bikepacking ride so it will be interesting to see how it turns out.  This post is going to be a work in progress as I document my planning and later riding of the Holland Track in Western Australia. Working notes for me and anyone curious in riding the Holland Track.

Also with this post I am going to document some of the gear choices I make as move from what may be described as a traditional pannier based touring style where I didn’t have a strong focus on weight carried or volume of gear carried to where I have much more limited carrying space and hence volume and weight become more important, e.g., my Chasing the Dirt Tour.

That said riding the Holland Track as planned means there will be no re-supply points between Hyden and Coolgardie and hence I need to carry sufficient food and water.  Riding in spring, late September, assuming good winter rains there should be water available at a couple of granite rock outcrops, Thursday Rock and Victoria Rock. However Thursday Rock is likely to be three days riding from Hyden and Victoria Rock is four days riding, hence I will need to carry at least three days water for most of the ride, i.e., about 18 litres or look at the possibility of a couple water drops to spread the load.  If water drops turn out to not be an option I will need to pull my Extrawheel trailer. The trailer will only be used to carry the water for the first three days.

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