Giant CRX 1 500 km service – July 2010

I have decided to bring my Giant CRX 1 out retirement and put her back into use as my commuter.  This is really a bring out of retirement service rather than a 500 km service. Mind you it has been around 500 km since the last service. This service was done at the  10,408 km.

This service consisted of:

  1. Cleaning the chain using a Park Tools CM-5 Cyclone Chain Scrubber. Once it was clean I applied Rock and Roll Gold chain lube;
  2. Checking of chain wear with a Park Tools CC-3 Chain Wear indicator.  The KMC X10 chain is not showing any wear of note at this point which is good considering it has done 2,947 km;
  3. Checking the tension on all bolts and screws on the bicycle. All good;
  4. Cleaning the bike with Nu Finish Car wash with pure orange oil;
  5. Removed the platform pedals that where on the bike and retro fitted a set of Shimano M505 pedals that I had on hand and re-greased the threads. Regular removal and greasing the threads makes it easy to remove them when one really does need to get them off;
  6. Transferred over the Sigma Sports ROX 9 mount, cadence sensor and speed sensor to this bike from my Surly Long Haul Trucker;
  7. Fitted a set of Profile Design Century areobars which I have on loan. Will be interesting to see how they work out.


There ends this service.

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