Andrew - Holland Track Ride - September 2016

Andrew – Holland Track ride – September 2016

Hi. Wondering about me? Well my name is Andrew and I live in Western Australia hence there is a bit of a Western Australia focus about this blog.  In the past I was a bit of a gear tester so I have kept up that interest in this blog, hence lots of owner reviews on cycling gear and some camping gear.  I am also interested in advocacy; comes from being a bit opinionated 🙂  You will find the advocacy side of things  (former board member of the now defunct Bicycle Transport Alliance) and now active member of BikeFreo. I am also interested in photography, running and social history so there is also that element of my interests creeping into this blog.

Aushiker and Cycling

I am particularly interested in cycling (commuting, road touring, mountain bike touring, and Audax style riding, ride safety and improving cycling infrastructure for all), and to a less extent now days, bushwalking (also known as tramping or hiking). I am a past gear tester (and Senior Edit Moderator) with I resigned from in August 2008 but continue to support whole heartedly their aims.

I come into cycling keen to extend my outdoor activities as well as to improve my fitness, to lose weight, to enhance my enjoyment of life, to contribute more constructively to the environment and so on. Given my great passion for backpacking I am keen on adding the camping aspect and the long-distance travelling aspect to my cycling, hence my interest in off-road and on-road touring as well as just commuting.

I like to mix my enjoyment of  camping with my cycling activities, hence my interest in touring on and off-road. I am also keen on replacing my car usage as much as possible with cycling instead.

Currently my day to day rides are my touring bike, my Surly Long Haul Trucker and my Giant road bike which I converted to an eBike. My bikepacking and off-road riding is done on my Salsa Mukluk.

My first foray into touring was in October 2007 when I led a weekend group ride of the Waterous Trail for the Perth Bushwalkers Club.  Since then I have completed the Munda Biddi Trail in December 2013 which I first rode in April 2008, a tour from Geraldton to Perth in 2009 and in April 2010 my first 1,000 km tourer, Esperance to Perth and my biggest tour a 3,000 km ride into the Gascoyne.

This first tour (can you call a weekend ride a tour?) was on Joe the Boulder SE (since sold) and was a pannier ride. I fitted a set of Delta racks to Joe and used a pair of Deuter Rack Pack II panniers on the rear and a pair of Ortlieb Front Roller Classic panniers on the front. Picked these up for $105 landed in Perth still with the tags attached. What a bargain!

I have now moved on to using a Extrawheel Voyager as my load carrying device on my off-road tourers and go with the Extrawheel Voyager or panniers on the road.

My first big tour was to be the Dreaming Tour, however this became a four-day ride in the Northern Territory, an expensive one and was replaced later with my Chasing the Dirt – Out and Back to Burringurrah (Mt Augustus) by Bicycle Tour.

My preference for chasing dirt has lead me into bikepacking and my first bikepacking ride was completing the Holland Track here in Western Australia; a ride from Hyden to Kalgoorlie via the Holland Track, a 4WD track.


With my growing interest (dare I say it passion?) for cycling my bushwalking activities are getting pushed into the background.  That said I still love bushwalking and camping but see my camping direction go more towards cycle touring rather than walking in the bush. However, I will continue to keep up my pages on bushwalking as a resource for people interested in bushwalking here in Western Australia. To that end I will continue to run the Aushiker Yahoo! group which is a WA based discussion group focused on talking bushwalking in Western Australia and more importantly walking the talk – informal walks are often organised through this group. So if you are interested, please do join us. I am also a member and former walk leader for the Perth Bushwalking Club. My last pack carry was a six-day walk of the Cape to Cape Track.

Contacting Andrew aka Aushiker

I more than happy to help out where I can so I am happy to hear from you.  I do try to respond within a couple of day but please forgive me if it  takes a little longer. If you want to contact me here are some ways you can go about it:

  • Comments. I love comments and having interaction on the blog. I try to reply to all comments.
  • You can email me at or preferably make use of contact form below.
  • Twitter. I am a big Twitter fan. You can find me @Aushiker.
  • Facebook. Yes I do have a relatd Facebook page which I use for other items of interest but which don’t really belong here as well as a personal Facebook page here.
  • I am also on active on YouTubeVimeo, and Pinterest.


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