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Bacchetta Giro 20 ATT with e-Assist – 2008 – An Owner’s Review

I have hankered to get into recumbents for sometime for a couple of reasons, one being to better cope with the riding into the Fremantle Doctor over summer here in Perth and the other being that diamond frame bikes (besides my Surly Long Haul Trucker) are really not exciting me that much anymore. Whilst I still desire to purchase a Sinner Bikes Mango Sports Red Edition (or a Rotovelo) I also wanted a two-wheel recumbent. Whilst the idea of a long-wheel base recumbent such as the Easy Racer Gold Rush Replica or the RANS Stratus LE appeal as my two-wheeler, the opportunity came up to purchase a 2008 Bacchetta Giro 20 ATT locally via the WAHPV For Sale website.

 This blog post was last updated on January 31, 2015 and at  1,729.5  kilometres on the bike

The Bafang BBS01 has now been removed from the bike and transferred over to my 2009 Giant Defy 1 and the bike has been restored pretty much to standard Bacchetta Giro 20 ATT. 
The bike has now been sold and no further updates to this page will be made.


Bacchetta Giro 20 ATT with e-Assist (Bafang BBS01) (2014, July)

Bacchetta Giro 20 ATT with e-Assist (Bafang BBS01) (2014, July)

I thought this was probably a smart move as the “investment” was relatively low and the Giro does have a reputation for being a good beginners recumbent.  After a short period I concluded that the Giro 20 as configured was not really for me and I purchased a LoGo P-38 which has a more upright riding position which I prefer. At that time I was seriously considering putting the Giro 20 on the market and actually did go down that path, however in the mean time I had a crash on the P-38 which gave me time to reflect on options.  The outcome of that reflection process is that I have kept the Giro 20, but I have converted it to a e-assist with the installation of a Bafang BBS01 mid-drive motor and I am in the process of changing the seat out to a Bacchetta Recurve seat to give me a more upright riding position.

So here I am with a blog post on my experiences with a 2008 Bacchetta Giro 20 ATT and its conversion to a pedelec. I am also documenting here other changes, the general configuration of the bike as well as tracking my maintenance, its service history and how much money I am spending on it.

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Cannondale Airspeed Maximum Carbon Pump Owner Review

I purchased my Cannondale Airspeed Maximum Carbon pump from Chain Reaction Cycles Ltd in June 2008 for $44.74 landed.

Initial Impressions | Field Experience

Initial Impressions

The Airspeed has a nice look, being a carbon wrapped allow pump.  It is quite long at 280 mm, but that is what attracted it to me.  Long narrow pumps are meant to be better at getting higher pressure than shorter mini-pumps.  That and that carbon look as I am using it on my Look 555 :).  Despite its length the pump weighs only 128 g plus the mounting bracket (18 g).  It should be noted this is a presta valve only pump.

Overall I have found the finish of the pump is good and the handle locks in well. It has a solid feel to it.

Field Experience

June 2, 2010. Well the pump is two years old this month. I went to use it today and it failed. Just wouldn’t push any air. Stripped it down and cleaned it up but not much else to do and it still will not work, so in the bin it goes.

January 21, 2009.  I have had my first opportunity to actually use the Cannondale Airspeed in anger for the first time.  The only problem I had with the pump was that my spare tube had a short valve, which gave me little clearance and this pump seems to need to get well on to the valve to work effectively. Once I got a good connection it work a treat, easily getting the pressure up to around 100 psi.  Sure beats my Topeak Pocket MasterBaster, which I will likely replace with another Airspeed if I keep my CRX 1.

I had been considering going to CO2 but having used the Cannondale I might well stick to the pump and save the environment.


ROUTE 7 Leg Warmers Owner Review

Route 7 Leg Warmers

I purchased my Route 7 Leg Warmers, Model R7WALN8LW from Torpdeo7 in July 2008 for $21.99 landed as with my weight loss and riding Froggie, my Look 555, I found I was feeling the cold more. Four degree Celsius starts probably doesn’t help!

The leg warmers are described by Torpedo 7 thus

They feature gripper elastic at the top to keep them in place, and have a smooth stretchy polyester spandex fabric with a brushed back lining to provide warmth. These legs warmers easily fold up to fit into your pocket or backpack as you warm up.

Features include:

  • Fabric: 86% polyester and 14% spandex
  • Brushed back internal lining for warmth
  • Reflective printed Route 7 logo on each leg warmer
  • Gripper elastic at top
  • 20cm zip opening at hem

Initial Impressions | Field Experience

Initial Impressions

Torpedo 7 provide sizing on their website (lengths only) and do warn that the the sizing is generous [This has now been corrected and more sizing information is provided – September 12, 2008].  It would have been helpful in my view if they provided the thigh and ankle opening sizes as well. It should not be hard to do and they do it for other brands of leg warmers they sell.  I say this as I have found the warmers to be a firm fit around the ankle but not around my thighs.  Maybe a smaller size would have been better.

Field Experience

Update – September 12, 2008:  Torpedo 7 have the 2008 leg warmers on special ($12.99) and since I am sure they will replace my faulty pair and I am overall happy with them, given my riding conditions I have decided to purchase a second pair, albeit a size medium this time which hopefully will fit better.

Update – September 5, 2008:I have been wearing the leg warmers pretty much on all my rides since I received them in July 2008, approximately 43 rides (51 hours). Other than the fit issue which I resolve by wearing firm fitting knicks over the warmers, therefore assisting in hold them up and the threads coming away on one leg I am happy with the warmers.  They are on the light side which works for the mild winter weather here in Perth.

I will be returning my pair of warmers to Torpedo 7 for repair/replacement and will then probably use them again next winter but more likley as a back up to a better fitting pair.


Garfield – Week 26 – June 30, 2008

It is Garfield time again. Spent most of the week off the bike for various reasons, so really happy with the outcome. Could have been worse!

My Garfield statistics for Week 26 of 2008 are:

Weights and Measurements

Today’s Weight (kg): 95.5 kg – Overweight
Movement from last week (+ or – kg): – 1.3 kg (Aggregate – 8.1 kg)
Weight July 2007: 113 kg (- 17.5 kg)*
Target Weight (kg): 81 kg

Waist Measurement: 114.0 cm + 1.0 cm (Aggregate – 12 cm)
WHR: 1.08 (+ 0.01)
BMI Prime: 1.18 (Target range 0.74 – 1.00)


Km ridden this week: 19.18 km
2008 Weekly Average: 182 km
2008 Predicated mileage: km (Goal – 10,400)

Hours riding – 2008 = 219 (Corrected) (1 hour for the week)

Cost per Km: $1.57 cash basis (- 0.04)

BikeJournal Rankings

#614 in the World (- 57 places in the rankings)
#32 in Australia ( No movement in the rankings)
#12 in the Club ( + 1 place in the rankings)

* I started riding in July 2007