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Mind the gap @ Tydeman Road, Fremantle

Neerabup Road Underpass - {YBHT-10}


The resolving of the problem of crossing the Tydeman Road, Fremantle is growing momentum with councilors at the City of Fremantle advocating for resolving of the issue. Regretfully attempts to engage with the State MP, Ms Simone McGurk are effectively falling on deaf ears with Ms McGurk basically showing no interest in the issue and hence the safety of those whom she purports to represent and who cycle. This is despite Ms McGurk stating on her web page that

“Simone is passionate about all things Fremantle, with a particular focus on the economic revitalisation of our city, better transport options and quality public education.” (my emphasis).

The Fremantle Herald has given space to the issue and we thank them for doing so. You can read the article, Mind the Gap in the Fremantle Herald interactive.




Fremantle PSP detour route map whilst the Ashton Avenue Claremont bridge is demolished and replaced.

Fremantle PSP detour route map whilst the Ashton Avenue Claremont bridge is demolished and replaced.

Mainroads Western Australia has advised that a detour will be in place on the Fremantle Principal Shared Path [PSP] due to the demolition and replacement of the Ashton Avenue Bridge in Claremont. The bridge will be closed from February 1, 2018. The demolition of the old bridge is scheduled to occur on the weekend starting February 23, 2018. The project is due to be completed by September 2018 so expect the detour to be in place for some time.


Mindarie-Burns Beach Dual Use Path Announced

The Honourable Rita Saffioti, Minister for Transport, Planning and Lands in the Western Australian State Government has released a media statement [December 14, 2017) announcing the construction of a 4.9 kilometre dual-use path through the Tamala Conservation Park connecting the coastal settlements of Mindarie with Burns Beach.

According to the Minister the path will cost in the vicinity of $2 million dollars and will be the “final link” in a 58 kilometre coastal route from Quinns Rock “almost all the way to Fremantle.”  The chosen alignment for the dual use pathway will ensure the protection of the foredune system and minimal vegetation disturbance while optimising coastal views and appropriate path levels to suit all users.

Whilst it is great to see the path being extended, the continued failure to address the connectivity to Fremantle is frustrating. We need proper commuter/recreational bicycle rider connection link across Tydeman Road and the Swan River but alas this continues to get ignored both by the current government and previous ones.