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My interest in cycling is from three perspectives, commuting, endurance riding (Audax) and touring. I am now a regular commuter on my Kinesis Racelight Granfondo Ltd and I averaged 234 km a week in 2010 (not my best effort). At least 2011 is looking better, having averaged approximately 375 km per week in the first quarter. My interest in touring is has now expand to both mountain bike touring as well as road touring, with my first road tourer completed in July 2009. I just don’t seem to get as many opportunities as I would like to get away touring.

Aushiker’s Bicycle Fleet

Current Bicycle Fleet – Active

  1. 2015 Salsa Mukluk 2 Framset being built up as a Fatbike bikepacking bicycle.
  2. 2009 Giant Defy 1 – Purchased December 2014 second-hand as a host for my Bafang BBS01 mid-drive electric motor. The bike serves as my daily commute.
  3. ? LoGo P-38 Recumbent – Clone of a Lightning Cycles P-38
  4. Surly Long Haul Trucker: My touring ride and backup commuter and Audax ride.
    • The maintenance history for the Surly Long Haul Trucker can be found here.
  5. 2011 Extrawheel Voyager – My touring trailer, designed to be pulled behind the Surly Long Haul Trucker and the Giant XTC 2 as required.

Bicycles No Longer in Aushiker’s Bicycle Fleet

  1. 2008 Look 555: This is my weekend warrior, recreational ride and main Audax ride. Sometimes get used for commuting in summer. This bike has now been sold.
    • The maintenance history for the Look 555 can be found here.
  2. 2008 Giant XTC 2: My mountain bike and off-road touring ride. This bike has now been sold.
    • The maintenance history for the Giant XTC 2 can be found here.
  3. 2007 Giant CRX 1: This was the bike that got me into cycling. It is now morphed into the Kinesis GranFondo and/or components are being sold. It was a great bike.
  4. 2002 Giant Boulder SE: Sold in 2008. Used it on my ride of the Waterous Trail in 2007.
  5. Kojima Condor – Born from Nimm in Bicycle Network Australia – November 2007. Passed on in June 2008 as a spare parts frame to another Condor rider.
  6. 80’s steel framed roadie – Retrieved from a bring-out-the-dead in April 2008. Passed on in August 2009 to a good home.
  7. 2008 Bob Ibex Trailer – Sold in November 2011 to make way for an Extrawheel Voyager.
  8. 2010 Kinesis Racelight GranFondo Ltd: Built up from a mix of components, some new, some old from my 2007 Giant CRX 1.  The GranFondo is now my commuter and alternate Audax ride.
    • The maintenance history for the Kinesis Racelight Granfondo Ltd can be found here. Sold in 2014
  9. 2008 Bacchetta Giro 20 recumbent with e-assist [Bafang BBS01] – My first venture in to laid back riding and now first venture in e-bikes. This bike was sold in January 2015

Bicycling Related Resources

  1. Bicycle Tyre Wear and Puncture Record – Detailed history of my tyre wear and experience.
  2. Bicycles Chains and Cassettes – How Well Do They Wear? – Click here for a detailed history of my bicycle chain and cassette wear rates and experience.
  3. Lights – Summary of various reviews and forum threads on bicycle light options.
  4. Standard Service procedure. Details my approach to servicing my bikes.

Bicycle Touring and Other Significant Rides

  1. Coalfields to Orchards – Munda Biddi Trail – November 2013
  2. Munda Biddi Trail – Albany to Donnybrook – July 2013
  3. Chasing the Dirt – Out and Back to Mt Augustus by Bicycle Tour– August 2012
  4. Bikepacking the Waterous Trail – A Revisit – October 2012
  5. Darwin to Adelaide River via Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory, Australia – July 2012
  6. Wandering the Darling Range – Fremantle – Dandalup – Mt Cooke – Wungong – Fremantle – December 2011
  7. Munda Biddi Trail – Fremantle – Martins Tank Campsite – Donnybrook – Nannup -Donnybrook – July 2011
  8. Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge– New Zealand Completed November 2010
  9. Esperance to Perth via Norseman and Hyden – Western Australia – On-road – Completed April 2010
  10. Geraldton to Perth – Western Australia – On-road – Completed July 2009
  11. Kep Track – Mundaring to Northam to Mundaring – Western Australia – Off-road (one day ride) – Completed October 2008
  12. Munda Biddi Trail – Mundaring to Collie – Western Australia – Completed April 2008
  13. Waterous Trail – Western Australia – Off-road – Completed October 2007
  14. Bicycle Touring and Hiking (Bushwalking) Gear List – summarises my gear carried on my tours and bushwalks
  15. Cycling Around Western Australia – Summary of known touring journal related to Western Australia
  16. Distance Book: Distances to Towns and Localities in WA

Bicycle Safety Related Studies

  1. Reporting Cycling Hazards – Infrastructure and People – Posted January 1, 2011
  2. The bicycle safety literature as summarised at is now detailed on a separate page here.
  3. Cycling and the Law in Western Australia – Summary of the various Acts and Regulations applicable specifically to cyclists.
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