C4P – Cycling for Pleasure

Well did my first C4P or well half of it anyway, ride today. As the ride started at the Concert Hall in the city, I did the 25 km ride in from Fremantle first taking the Cottesloe, railway line, Subiaco route. Had a nice ride in, taking an hour, so just under 25 km/h average which is good for me.

Met the group and joined the ride out to the Raffles Hotel where we met up with other riders before continuing on along the river to have a coffee at the E-Shed. I left the ride there as a I had a birthday lunch commitment.

Overall the ride was good, covering old ground and at a good pace. I personally would have avoided the paths a bit more but that is neither here nor there. I plan to go on another ride with them before deciding whether to join or not. Not sure if this is for me or not yet.

Thanks to Mari for organising the ride.

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