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Route 7 Bike Shorts (Knicks) Owner Review

Torpedo7 recently had some bike shorts (knicks) on special for $29.95. They where their own brand, Route 7 Sport Bike Shorts model number R7SHLN8ST. I have now worn these shorts for about 150 km and have to say that I am disappointed with them. I didn’t expect top of the range knicks but did expect […]

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Flippin idiot cyclists

Calmed down enough now to get this off my chest. Tonight a moron cyclist (older guy, big fat bloke, yellow jersey, riding a hybrid or mountain bike with slicks along Jon Sanders Drive on the shared path), yep not an idiot in a car, but an even bigger stupid idiot on a bike, pulled off […]

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Garfield – Week 8 – February 25, 2008

Week 8 – February 25,2008 Today’s Weight (kg): 99.9 kg – Overweight 😳Movement from last week (+ or – kg): -1.20 kg (Aggregate – 6.3 kg)Target Weight (kg): 84 kg Waist Measurement: 119.0 cm – 1.0 cm (Aggregate – 7 cm)WHR: 1.09 (- 0.00) Km ridden: 248.36Km walked: 19.36 cost per Km: $1.29 cash basis. […]

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