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Monday being Monday, it is time for Garfield at Bicycles Network Forum. Not my best week, not my worse. Was disappointed but given Sunday’s ride. I wonder if the grapes I pigged out on Sunday night had anything to do with it? Anyway, here is Garfield for the week:

Today’s Weight (kg): 1012.6 kg – Obese
Movement from last week (+ or – kg): -0.9 kg (Aggregate – 4.6 kg)
Target Weight (kg): 84 kg

Waist Measurement: 121.0 cm – 2.0 cm (Aggregate – 5 cm)
WHR: 1.09 (- 0.02)

Km ridden: 326.04
Km walked: 12.41

BikeJournal Rankings:

#978 in the World (+ 1246 places in the rankings)
#72 in Australia ( + 24 places in the rankings)
#19 in the Club ( + 11 places in the rankings)

I am happy with my club and world rankings. Achieve two objectives this week. Broke into the top 1000 and broke into the top 20 in the club.

Today’s Ride

Kept today down to a recovery/commute ride, riding home from Fremantle. I did extend the ride into Lake Herdsman to just get it over the 20 km mark (21.42 km). A nice commute this morning, mild conditions (23 C) and minimal wind.

Only a spot of trouble with drivers at the Grant Street Station crossing on Curtain Avenue. Two drivers decided to run the red light. As it was I was crossing the other side at the time, so was okay, but a timely reminder to not assume drivers will actually obey red lights!

The roads and shared paths where surprisingly clear of glass too for a Monday. The only problem being the Beach Street/Queen Victoria Street intersection. For some reason the City of Fremantle has no responded to hazard reports and cleaned up the glass here. The City is normally very responsive.

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