Tuesday Febraury 5, 2008 Ride Journal

Nice ride this morning in the warm air (25C) around Herdsman Lake. Took the opportunity to reactivate my geocache, Stargate P31115 Lake Herdsman TB Cache , whilst on the ride. I really enjoy this short ride (8 km) around the lake on Joe. Clears the mind before the start of the day.

My evening ride on Chase, my regular Churchlands to Fremantle commute was a little more eventful. With seven kilometres to go, heading along Curtain Avenue, Cottesloe the heavens open up. I experienced pelting rain, thunder and lightening before I got to Anne’s when of course the rain stopped! They say it hasn’t rained in Perth! Maybe those folks need to get out from the front of their TV!

Not only did I get soaked from the rain, I lost count of the number of vehicles swamping me as they drove past. On a positive note, the rain was warm, the Garmin Edge 305 handled the rain okay and my Planet Bike Superflash rear lights and Blackburn Quadrant front light handled the rain with aplomb.

So all up, 28.95 km for the day. I am happy with that.

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