Monday February 11, 2008 Ride Journal & Weekly Summary

Busted out of Fremantle at around 6:00 AM. Had to run with lights on this morning. Pretty happy with the brightness of the Blackburn Quadrant which works well as a flashing unit in my view.

On the subject of lights, it was interesting to observe other riders’ set-ups. A couple of points I noted:

  1. One rider coming towards me over the Fremantle Bridge was running with a flashing light and still light. The flashing light really dominated his approach and it was not till he was close that I was aware of the second light. I have formed the view that the flashing light is the way to go for visibility whereas the still light is much more a light up the road light for the rider.
  2. Saw one rider on Curtain Avenue wearing dark clothing and he had a light on this bike, but not switched on! I didn’t see him until he was pretty much right upon me. Makes you wonder.
  3. Saw one guy with a flashing arm band. At this point it was getting lighter, but I saw the rider long before I realised that he was wearing a yellow reflective arm band with red flashing lights. This experience has discouraged me from purchasing this sort of unit.

Back to the ride. This is good time to ride out of Fremantle, less traffic, fewer trucks on Tydeman Road and the only one I encountered (a semi) did the the right thing and stayed right to clear me. A big thank you to the driver.

Overall a good ride, happy with my cadence (averaged 93), average speed and all into a 15 km/h easterly.

This evening I jumped on Joe for short ride (16 km) to find a nearby geocache, Hidden gem , which was a good way to wind down after work whilst helping to meet my daily ride target of 33 km.

All up 38 km today on the bike.

Being Monday, it is Garfield day. My stats for the week are:

Week 6 — 2008

Today’s Weight (kg): 100.7 kg – Obese
Movement from last week (+ or – kg): -0.9 kg (Aggregate – 5.5 kg)
Target Weight (kg): 84 kg

Waist Measurement: 121.0 cm – 2.0 cm (Aggregate – 5 cm)
WHR: 1.09 (- 0.02)

Km ridden: 162.01
Km walked: 21.98

BikeJournal Rankings:

#880 in the World (+ 98 places in the rankings)
#62 in Australia ( + 10 places in the rankings)
#17 in the Club ( + 2 places in the rankings)

Disappointed with the waist measurement but happy with the loss of 900 grams. I am continuing to keep my weekly losses above my target so that is good. Just need to get the waist numbers down.

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