Tuesday February 12, 2008 Ride Journal

Got my act together this morning, well sort of, managed to leave my dairy and wallet at home, to ride to work. Nothing special, the direct walk is about 2 km but if I take a circuit around Herdsman Lake I can extend the ride to 8 km. So a nice extra 16 km each day. All adds up! My plan is to do a clothes drop once a week riding Joe and the other days to ride Chase unloaded. Will see how it goes.

Ride home was without too much drama. A little hairy turning right of Pearson Street at Hale Road with the after 5:00 PM traffic and a nice easterly wind along the northern side of Herdsman Lake.

My evening ride was over to Fremantle. Funny ride, left home feeling odd on Chase after riding Joe home. Funny how they quite different feels. Anyway, just didn’t seem to have the legs so decided to treat it as a recovery ride. Ended up averaging 21.6 km/h and a cadence of 89. Not that much different from my recent rides on this route.

All up 36.87 km today riding both Joe and Chase. Happy with those numbers.

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