Wednesday February 13, 2008 Ride Journal

My morning rides where my regular commute from Fremantle back to Churchlands and my new Churchlands to ECU Churchlands campus commute. Both rides undertaken on Chase and into a brisk easterly – north easterly wind.

My ride from Fremantle however did include a Heart Rate Spike Moment involving not a driver but a cyclist! A stupid one at that who seem to think that road rules or brain engagement does not apply to shared paths! The incident occurred at the city end of Stubbs Terrace, where Stubbs Terrace “ends” at Nash Street and there is the option to rejoin the shared path which follows the railway line along Stubbs Terrace.

The shared path between the Shenton Park railway station and Nash Street runs behind a number of businesses. This creates a blind spot for those entering the path at the end of Stubbs Terrace. Hence there is a clearly marked solid white line for those entering at the T-Junction, which means according to the road rules which do apply, those entering the shared path, should stop to make sure all is clear. Maybe stopping is to much to ask, but at least slowing and looking to make sure it is safe to proceed isn’t.

This morning an idiot on a flat bar (white t-shirt and red shorts) “sailed” straight onto the shared path without even a glance to his right. Yep, straight in front of me. At this point I was travelling at around 30 km/h. Thankfully for him and for me, I have had a similar with a pack of riders (who frequently it seems suffer from cashew sizing) so have learnt to whenever possible go to the right lane at this intersection as a precautionary measure. Thankfully I did this this morning otherwise I might not be in a position to right this blog!

Post the morning commute I rode Chase into work and home again. Other than the wonderful easterlies a pleasant 16 km ride.

In the evening I met up a social group of riders loosely linked to the Perth Bushwalkers Club for a very pleasant ride around Herdsman Lake and Lake Monger followed by dinner at the Swan Lake Resturant, Flynn Street, Churchlands. Thanks Doug for organising another enjoyable ride.

All up today’s riding was a total of 56.80 km. I am happy with that.

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