Thursday February 14, 2008 Ride Journal

Jumped on Joe this morning to ride into work with my clothes for next week. Decided to slightly extend my ride, heading west along Hale Road, south into Lucca Street, Tuscany Way, then south down Empire Avenue into the back of the campus. Clocked around 50 km/h coming down Empire Avenue before the back-end started moving about. Not a good feel at 50 km/h, trust me! Turns out that I had a flat. Pulled off the road into the development area west of the campus, found a nice shady tree and park bench and did the deed.

I suspect the cause was the tyre liners as I have seen this happen before (Julia got a flat just sitting in the bike shop, before she had been ridden. Cause? Tyre liner) and there was no other evidence of a cause. The liner is now out and I will Slime the tubes.

Got back on Joe to head home after work and he felt funny in the rear end. Sort of thump thump at 15 km/h +. Close inspection suggests that the rear wheel has gone out of true or I have fitted the tyre back wrong. Watching the wheel spinning, it does move away from the brake pads at one point which I guess indicates it is out of true. Off to Wembley Cycles tomorrow to get it checked out.

My evening ride as a geocaching trip on Chase. I headed back to Stirling and Tax Payer Funded 2 as I realised I had not got all the necessary information to work out the cache coordinates. I then headed off to Joondanna to get Sprungwater Hill but way too many muggles close by to go for it. Will leave this one for another day.

The evening ride was a slow one. Feeling lethargic tonight.

All up 35.68 km today.

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