Friday February 15, 2008 Ride Journal

Not sure this should be called a ride journal but to be consistent I will stick with the label. It still is an exercise log at least.

No riding today, as I plan to go mountain biking Saturday morning and need to take Julia over to Fremantle tonight. The car will get broken out for this trip.

My exercise today has been limited to a some walking in the hills combined with the hiding of a new geocache. I walked the Carmel Walk trail which is rated Grade 2 at 5 km. I found it a very easy walk, pretty well marked but only 2.66 km long. Really not enough exercise.

As the Carmel Walk is a cache free zone, I had to do something about that, so I hid a new cache along the trail, Carmel Walk 01-79, my 79th cache hide.

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