Saturday February 16, 2008 Ride Journal

Again more than just a ride journal today. A mix of riding and bushwalking. But first the riding.

Julia saw action today for the first time in anger. Thanks to Graeme (Kalgrm) from the Bicycles Network Australia forum five riders had some fun playing on the Little Oven circuit at Mundaring.

This was my first real go at mountain biking. It turned out to be much harder than I expected, lots of fun and much harder than doing the same kilometres on the road. We “road” 11.2 km, but it was much harder than I expected. That 11.2 km involved I think five falls, some walking, and lots of heart rate spike moments ( but good ones!). It was fun!

I put down some of the falls to just not being able to un-clip quickly. The Shimano M520 SPD clipless pedals on Julia are tight and seem to need to be worn in somewhat. I have them fully adjusted out but it is still hard to get a good un-clip movement.

In the afternoon I headed off to the Murray campsite on the Bibbulmun Track leading a social weekend bushwalk for the Perth Bushwalkers Club.

Nine of use enjoyed a great night of wine, food and good humour at the Murray Campsite. There was water in the pool out front of the campsite, so well had swim after arriving. Not too cold at all.

The walk in was an easy 4 km but still nice to get out with like minded folks.

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