Monday February 18, 2008 Ride Journal + Garfield

No dramas commuting this morning from Fremantle to Churchlands and then on to work and back again. A nice 39 km for the day.


Monday being Monday, it is time for Garfield at Bicycles Network Forum. Not my best week, not my worse. Anyway, here is Garfield for the week:

Today’s Weight (kg): 101.1 kg – Obese Crying or Very sad
Movement from last week (+ or – kg): +0.4 kg (Aggregate – 5.1 kg)
Target Weight (kg): 84 kg

Waist Measurement: 120.0 cm – 1.0 cm (Aggregate – 6 cm)
WHR: 1.09 (- 0.00)

Km ridden: 203.00
Km walked: 24.95

cost per Km: $1.31 cash basis.

BikeJournal Rankings:

#875 in the World (+ 5 places in the rankings)
#63 in Australia ( – 1 place in the rankings)
#17 in the Club ( + 0 places in the rankings)

I am happy with my world rankings. Broke into the top 900.

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