Motorist questioned over road rage on cyclists

From the ABC Perth:

“A man is being questioned at Warwick Police station over a road rage incident in the northern Perth suburb of Iluka this morning.

Witnesses have told police a P-plate motorist reversed into a group of cyclists after they questioned him for beeping his horn at them.

They say one of the cyclists was thrown over the bonnet of the car and his bike was smashed at the intersection of Marmion Street and Burn Beach Road.

The 26-year-old cyclist is being treated for minor injuries.

Police tracked down the motorists after a witness noted the car’s registration details.”

From The Western Australian:

“A police spokesman told earlier today that the car hit four cyclists before reversing over two of the bikes and leaving the scene.

One male cyclist suffered minor injuries and grazing and a possible broken finger.

One of the shaken cyclists, Gary Bell, told ABC Radio that the group was riding along the road minding their own business when a group of young men in a red lancer allegedly pulled up dangerously close to them at the intersection when the lights turned red. The car had beeped at the cyclists.

Mr Bell, whose bike was run over, said that he had tapped on the car’s window and said “mate what are you doing, you could have killed us?” Mr Bell said.”

If you want to comment on the incident, has a forum for same.

This incident is also being discussed at Bicycles Network Australia.

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