Wednesday February 20, 2008 Ride Journal

Cold this morning coming out of Fremantle at around 7:00 AM. Might need to start wearing my vest on these morning rides. ESE blowing at up to 26 km/h which means pretty much head or side winds all the way to Churchlands. Despite this managed my fastest time this morning, best commute average, good cadence and a higher average heart rate. All up pretty happy with the ride and my improvement of late. I did ride on the big chain ring a lot more this morning. Maybe something to work on more.

I did regretfully have a driver “incident” on Curtain Avenue. A Brightwater truck caught in traffic at the Grant Street pedestrian crossing, decided that I should not be able to pass on his left in the dedicated cycling lane and attempted to block me. A quick flick to the truck’s right and I was pass and back in front of the truck safely. While I got out of it okay, it was not a nice experience to suddenly have a truck moving over to try and block one’s path. The whole behaviour by the idiot behind the wheel is quite unbelievable given the incident the day before.

Ride to and from Churchlands to ECU went without dramas. Just a nice easterly wind to contend with both ways and oh Empire Avenue on the way home.

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