Flippin idiot cyclists

Calmed down enough now to get this off my chest. Tonight a moron cyclist (older guy, big fat bloke, yellow jersey, riding a hybrid or mountain bike with slicks along Jon Sanders Drive on the shared path), yep not an idiot in a car, but an even bigger stupid idiot on a bike, pulled off a cycle path on to Jon Sanders Drive at the Selby Street intersection. The problem is he went straight in to a double lane 70 km/h speed road at the lights when the lights where green and hence against him.

Okay, so an idiot drops on to the road. So what? Well I was doing 35 km/h when he did this, leaving me no choice but to swerve, into the lane, yep into the bloody traffic ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗

Between me screaming my flippin head off at the idiot and the person driving the car I swerved in front of blowing their horn, I hope the git got the message. I know it scared the living crap out of me … I just don’t want to know how close I was to the car.

The stupid git on the bike, didn’t even acknowledge me when I eventually turned around to look at him. Maybe my still yelling abuse at him put him off … 👿

I tell you, I have learnt a new respect for cyclists … don’t trust them any more than car drivers. What really got to me, was I would have been the one hit by the car not the bloody idiot who dived for the curb as soon as it all happened!

Okay got that off my chest.

Oh then I got slimed further down the road … not my evening.

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