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Friday February 22, 2008 Ride Journal

Late start this morning, getting away at at 6:45 AM instead of 6:00 AM to ride a circuit from Churchlands to Fremantle to Canning Bridge and then along the freeway across to the Fremantle line out to Subiaco and back to Churchlands. I called into Anne’s for a quick before work chat and also fixed […]

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Facebook – One Group Closed … One Still There

I am pleased to note that Facebook closed one anti-cyclist group but one still remains. This one is owned by a Anna Heenan. It may be time for Anna to hear from her State’s police force or better still the Australian Federal Police. Such stupidity, threatening or desiring to commit violence against another person is […]

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Thursday February 21, 2008 Ride Journal

Got my act together this morning and headed to work “early” and caught the parents dropping off kids at school at Churchlands and Newman High Schools. Not the greatest environment to ride in, but thankfully no issues outside these schools. However, turning into the campus from Cromarty Road, I had a women in a dark […]

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Wednesday February 20, 2008 Ride Journal

Cold this morning coming out of Fremantle at around 7:00 AM. Might need to start wearing my vest on these morning rides. ESE blowing at up to 26 km/h which means pretty much head or side winds all the way to Churchlands. Despite this managed my fastest time this morning, best commute average, good cadence […]

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