Garfield – Week 13 – March 31

Garfield time. Another week, another bad Monday and the month of March comes to an end. Not my best week’s results that is for sure. I have paid the price of two weekends in Singapore and poor eating habits. I really need to get my act together when I travel.

I have made some changes to what I record each. The changes are:

* I am now reporting my 2008 weekly average kilometres on the bike. My target is to average 200 km a week this year;
* Now calculating and reporting BMI Prime. BMI Prime provides a % measure of how overweight I am;
* As a result of reviewing teh BMI information I have lowered by target weight to 81 kg to bring it into line with WHO guidelines.

My Garfield statistics for Week 13 of 2008 are:

Weights and Measurements

Today’s Weight (kg): 99.5 kg – Overweight
Movement from last week (+ or – kg): + 1.6 kg (Aggregate – 5.1 kg)
Weight July 2007: 113 kg (- 13.50 kg)*
Target Weight (kg): 81 kg

Waist Measurement: 117.0 cm + 1.0 cm (Aggregate – 9 cm)
WHR: 1.09 (+ 0.02)
BMI Prime: 1.23 (Target range 0.74 – 1.00)


Km ridden this week: 148.39
2008 Weekly Average: 166 km

Km walked this week: 19.39

Cost per Km: $1.08 cash basis (- 0.7)

BikeJournal Rankings

#514 in the World (- 35 places in the rankings)
#42 in Australia ( + 3 place in the rankings)
#13 in the Club ( – 0 places in the rankings)


* I started riding in July 2007


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