The Puncture “Black Cat” Strikes Again … urr

The Black Cat strikes again. Two punctures yesterday, one on the front and one on the rear. This has me at a total of seven for the year and one every 473 km. The only good side to this is that at least the number of punctures I am getting on Chase have reduced with the move to the Gatorskins but still seven punctures already in 2008! Please Black Cat move on …

Got the first puncture on the front heading back from the Docs at Innaloo. Made worse by muggins getting the appointment time wrong and not seeing the Doc anyway! Doh.

Second one was on the rear. Had got home, loaded up with clothes for work and headed out the door. Within 50 metres the rear was down. Back home I go, new tube in and off I went.

History with different tyre brands:

700 x 28C generic Duro Stinger, rear of the CRX 1 (all weather commuter) – Three punctures – 312 km per puncture

700 x 23C Continental Grand Prix 4000s, front, 2,044 km – Look 555 (weekend warrior)
700 x 23C Continental Grand Prix 4000s, rear, 2,044 km – Look 555
(weekend warrior) –

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