Cyclepath, Shenton Road, Claremont, Western Australia

The Shenton Road cyclepath is coming, its a coming. It seems that the Town of Claremont has commenced construction of the cyclepath that will connect the existing cyclepath which ends at the Claremont Showgrounds to the Claremont Train Station. This is where one currently has to ride along Shenton Road which is pretty rough in places and pretty dodgy at western end with vehicles squeezing in on cyclists and at the southern end having to turn right before the underpass.

Update May 30, 2008: I lodged during the preceding week a hazard report via the Department for Planning and Infrastructure “Hazard report form” about my concerns with the eastern end of the path. Namely there was no entry/exit ramp and the D-Bar had been left in place impairing access.  I am pleased to report that the Town of Claremont has phoned about the report and indicated that there contractor will address the concerns in the first week of June. Well done Town of Claremont.

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