Ground Effect Baked Beanie Owner Review

I purchased my Ground Effect Baked Beanie beanie/skull cap/hat directly from Ground Effect in June 2008 for $20.71 landed as with my weight loss and riding Froggie, my Look 555 I found I was feeling the cold more. Four degree Celsius starts probably didn’t help!

The Baked Beanie is described by Ground Effect thus

Made from micro-Fleece 100, the Baked Beanie occupies minimal room under your helmet while its Microfibre lining saves your ears from biting winds.

Initial Impressions | Field Experience

Initial Impressions

The Baked Beanie comes in three colours and I went for the “burnt orange” which is more orange than suggested in the photo.  The Beanie only comes in one size, which seems stupid to me as people’s head are not one size.  Anyway, I found the fit okay, probably a bit on the tight size, but that shouldn’t be an issue.  For comparison purposes, my helmet is a Bell Sweep R size medium (55 – 59 cm). With a little pulling I can get the Beanie to cover about 90% of my ears.

When I put my helmet on, I do find that I need to lengthen the chin straps so there is a bit of bulk in the beanie which should be taken into consideration.

Field Experience

May 20, 2010:  Well the cooler mornings are now upon us so I pulled the Bake Beanie out of the draw and put it to use this week for the first time in 2010.  It is still in good condition and shows no sign of wear.  I anticipate another good season of service out of it for sure.

September 1, 2008: I have now had two months of using the Ground Effect Bake Beanie and in summary I am pretty happy with it. Basically it works, it stays in position okay once it is pulled down over my ears, it is effective in keeping my ears warm in the mornings here in Perth, Western Australia and it is wearing well.

My only niggles are that it really sets up a wind noise factor. I find it much nosier when wearing the Bake Beanie than not and it is a touch on the thick size. Under my roadie helmet my preference is for the thinner but just as effective Endura FS260-Pro skull cap.

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