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I purchased my Ground Effect Chipolatas gloves directly from Ground Effect in June 2008 as with my weight loss and riding Froggie, my Look 555 I found I was feeling the cold in my hands more. Four degree Celsius starts probably didn’t help!

The Chipolatas are described by Ground Effect

Anti-freeze for your digits on those nasty cold morning jaunts to work, or while out night riding your favourite singletrack. Reinforced palms provide extra protection for your mitts and ensure positive contact with your bike. Get ’em while they’re hot.

Initial Impressions | Field Experience

Initial Impressions

These gloves are a full fingered glove, with reinforced palms.  The do not contain any gel or other support. They are made out of or contain a material called Windfoil which is a fleece which is claimed to be 100% wind proof. Usage will confirm this or otherwise.

Based on the sizing information provided by Ground Effect I ordered a size medium. Interesting I have found one glove fits better than the other and that they are bit on the tight size. Maybe I should have gone up a size. Not 100% sure but something to keep in mind if one is borderline on their sizing.

Based on my initial try on, I do find them a bit on the bulky side, but riding will determine if this is an issue or not.

I also see myself using these as bushwalking gloves as well if they are as warm as they appear to be.

Field Experience

Update – July 25, 2010 (Two years usage): I recently was asked in the Australian Cycling Forums about how I was going with the Chipolatas so I thought it was good opportunity to update this posting.

Some two years later I am still using them but the question is really would I buy them again? The short answer is no, but not so much because they are a bad product, more that I just prefer to use liner gloves with my summer gloves over the top. This gives me that layered approach and a degree of flexibility that the Chipolatas don’t. For example pulling out in the morning the Chipolatas are great but riding home in the evening I often find them really to warm so I either put up with this or ride sans gloves or carry a pair of summer gloves (and liners). So for me just going with the summer gloves and liners provides the balance I need.

On other aspects:

(1) Durability. So far so good. I started using these in the winter of 2008 and still use them today. There is really no sign of them wearing out; they have held their shape well and they have survived regular washing;

(2) I learnt that they are not waterproof at all. I find they are okay with misty rain but that is about it. Much more a windproof/cold weather glove;

(3) I wouldn’t consider them a snug fit. In fact I find them a bit bulky for cycling; more so compared to wearing a liner glove or a summer glove.  If you really felt the cold I suspect that one could get away with wearing a liner glove with them.

Two Months Usage: I have now had two months of wearing my Ground Effect Chipolatas and in summary I am pretty happy with them. Basically they work quite well as winter (read warm) gloves. In fact I find them a bit too effective for the mild Perth winters, particular if I ride with them in the cold mornings but return mid-afternoon.  On the mid-afternoon rides I tend to get quite sweaty hands.  I would say based on my experience they need colder conditions to work effectively.  Other than this issue they are effective winter gloves and show no signs of significant wear after two months of pretty much daily use.

The above notwithstanding, it should be kept in mind these gloves are winter warm gloves and are not waterproof nor water-resistant.  They easily absorb water, so get wet quickly in the rain.


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