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One of my reasons for getting involved in riding was to loose weight, my Garfield. Bicycling can be good for this, along with developing a good level of fitness. The purpose of this posting is to draw together the resources out on the web that provide good advice on weight loss and riding and developing good bike fitness. Hopefully it will be useful to you as it has been to me. If you have suggested links please post a comment.

Bike Fit

Nutrition and your Ride

  • What to drink and when to fuel your ride –
  • Homemade Sports Drink –
  • 13 tips to make you a faster rider –
  • Boost your immune system –
  • Improved endurance capacity following chocolate milk consumption compared with two commercially available sport drinks – An article published in the Canadian journal, Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism which examines the effects of 3 recovery drinks on endurance performance following glycogen-depleting exercise.
  • Thoughts on snack bars – what to look for. has a good article on what levels of sugars and fats to watch for in energy and food bars.
  • Protein and Post-Ride has an interesting article on the important aspect of post-ride recovery, muscle recover that is.
  • Natural energy boosters – Fuel you body with premium – has an interesting article on the importance of boosting our energy levels.
  • Sugar Rush – Importance of carbohydrates – has an interesting article on the importance of carbohydrates whilst riding.
  • Seven Health Eating Resolutions for the New has some good old basic tips on healthy eating.
  • Fluids – No guts, no has an interesting article on training your stomach, yep that is right your stomach.
  • Supermarket have an interesting article on good food sources for bicycling and endurance. Foods that can be easily carried and obtained at the supermarket.


  • Get Some Air is an interesting article from on the importance of breathing for cyclists.
  • Comeback for good – Advice on getting back into cycling and training from
  • Home brew fitness has an article on how to benchmark one’s fitness. Then one can go and compare times in the future to get an indication of improvement.
  • Why power measurement is important. There’s a reason all pros measure, analyse and moderate their training with power meters, and not just the heart rate monitors that we can all easily afford – they are the undisputed, most objective measure of real rider output according to Nik Cook at

Weight Loss

  • Measuring calories expended whilst cycling or running. I have started using the Triathlon Training Blog’s calorie calculator for two reasons: First and foremost it attempts to measure energy expended either via VO2 max or heart rate. Second it recognises my time riding rather than my distance. Riding time along with energy expended gives, in my view, a better measure of one’s efforts. Previously I used calculator but comparing the two, I feel the Triathlon Training Blog’s calculator is returning numbers which in my view reflect better my exercise experience.
  • How to Burn Fat – An interesting article on maximising burn up of our own fat stores whilst riding. It makes suggestions about the timing of meals in respect to when we ride.
  • Discussion in the Australian Cycling Forums on commuting, weight loss and diet. One comment from WombatK in this discussion worth noting in my view is this:

Dietician in my house reckons 500 cal (approx 2000 kJ) deficit per week will strip about 1 kg per week, and is a long-term sustainable target; mainly cause it’s really hard to get most people to go that far.

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  1. Ben 10 November 2011 at 8:00 PM #

    Re your quote of the post on BNA about a dietition saying that a deficit of 2000kj a week will lose about 1kg a week is pretty wrong. Its 2000kj per *day* to lose 500g a week!!

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