Road Rage against Cyclists = 15 months Jail

Is this justice for cyclists at last? Has it happened only because of a number of witness and TV cameras got to scene last February when it happened? Did it embarrass the police sufficiently to make them take action on road safety concerning cyclists this one time? I wonder. So often on the forums you read of cyclists not bothering to report incidents to the police as the police do nothing. Do they treat cyclists as second class citizens, not warranting protection of the law, do they treat them like the road safety message does not apply?

Back to the story in hand. The ABC (bless Auntie) reported on November 5, 2008 that Adam Mark Stratfold, who in February 2008 reversed into a group of cyclists on Mamion Avenue, Iluka. Adam took this action of road rage after one of the cyclists tapped on the window of his car, as Adam had hassled them on the roar. The result of his action was that one cyclist was thrown over the bonnet of the car and suffered a broken finger and ankle.

According to the ABC news report, “District Court judge Mary Ann Yeats said Stratfold showed a persistent rage and careless attitude to the life, health and safety of the cyclists. ” The outcome of all this, is that Adam Stratfold will have to serve a minimum of seven-and-a-half months in prison before he can be released on parole.

Let us just hope that Adam learns from this experience and comes out of prison a better person and not bitter with cyclists. We don’t need a repeat of this sort of happening, neither do our partners, our mums and dads, our brothers and sisters and neither do our children.

It is not hard to chill out and share the road responsibility and with respect. Cars and trucks can easily be used as vicious weapons against others, particularly cyclists and pedestrians. That is not okay, just as saying sorry is not okay. It does not undo the damage done. So lets all be smart and not stupid on the road … it don’t take much effort really.

Share with respect

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