How to Replace Your Pedals

My Shimano M505 pedals (well the left one really) on Chase, my Giant CRX 1, is making noises and feeling rough on the axle after about 8,800 km, so I need to at least pull them off and hopefully service them and get them back into operation.

Given the pedals have been on the bike for some time, I decided that maybe a pedal spanner was probably a good idea. I dropped into Bike Force Fremantle for a spanner and picked up a Fat Spanner Heavy Duty Pro Pedal Spanner for $25.00.  Doesn’t look that great but that is all they had and it is a Sunday. It actually  worked just fine, so there you go. I also had hoped to talk to them about servicing the M505s but the staff member I spoke to was pretty indifferent about that and not helpful at all.  I had high hopes for Bike Force Fremantle but with each visit I am getting more and more disappointed.

Shimano have a exploded diagram of the pedals and it does look like I can at least pull them apart to clean them and maybe grease them. Worth a shot anyway.

First step is to get the pedals off and to fit my spare Shimano SPD pedals to keep the bike going and then I will play with the M505s.

Alex, the Bicycle Tutor, has a very helpful video on removing pedals which is a good reminder on the basics of left and right threads used on pedals.

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