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City of Joondalup – Edgewater Quarry Development

The City of Joondalup currently has a consultation process in place with respect to the development of the Edgewater Quarry. The purpose of the consultation is to seek community feedback on a range of development options for one of the remaining large and undeveloped sites in the City. The consultation period closes Friday, November 21, […]

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How to Replace Your Pedals

My Shimano M505 pedals (well the left one really) on Chase, my Giant CRX 1, is making noises and feeling rough on the axle after about 8,800 km, so I need to at least pull them off and hopefully service them and get them back into operation. Given the pedals have been on the bike […]

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Road Rage against Cyclists = 15 months Jail

Is this justice for cyclists at last? Has it happened only because of a number of witness and TV cameras got to scene last February when it happened? Did it embarrass the police sufficiently to make them take action on road safety concerning cyclists this one time? I wonder. So often on the forums you […]

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