Bike Force Fremantle Group 3.0 Saturday Ride

I have for a little while now being riding with the Bike Force Fremantle group rides which head out from Bike Force Fremantle on Saturday mornings at 6:30 AM. Most Saturdays there is a group 1, group 2, group 2.5, group 3, and group 4. Sometimes there is a group 3.5.

I join the Group 3 ride which averages around 30 km/h over approximately 65 km/h without stops. The route heads east, following the Swan River to Canning, and then the Canning River, until crossing over at Brentwood. From Brentwood the ride continues to follow the Canning River before heading through Bentley, South Perth and Victoria Park, where the ride swings west to follow the Swan River along the foreshore out to Nedlands, Claremont and towards the coast and Cottesloe and then back to the Tropicana Cafe on High Street, Fremantle.

[iframe 500 350]Bike Force Fremantle 3.0 Group Ride
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I also have a Google Earth KML file of the ride available and a GPX file available as well if interested. Just click on the links to download.

This is a pretty good group ride which finishes with coffee at the Tropicana Cafe on High Street, Fremantle. You can even get the Arc Cafe team kit if you wish.

Ride: April 4, 2009

Got a chance to ride with the Bike Force group on Saturday. First ride with them in about a month.  Quite a small group of around 8 to 12 riders at various parts as I believe a lot of riders where riding in a Cyclo Sportif event.  This meant the 2.5 and 3 groups where combined for the ride.

All the pace was pretty fair and reasonable with the 2.5 guys holding back, even on Mounts Bay Road where while the group splintered it wasn’t too bad and I at least didn’t get dropped here.

Once we go to Leighton Beach however the 2.5 guys vanished from sight, the remaining Group 3 riders got a bit splintered, I got dropped but managed to rejoin four of the Group 3 riders at the Old Fremantle Traffic bridge.

The other interesting aside was a flat bar rider who “joined” the group in Nedlands and who seemed to think it was a race, rather than understanding the idea of joining the paceline.  He left us at Claremont when he run the red light. Copped a bit of a comment or three for that from some group members.

So all up a okay ride to get back into the Group.

Ride: February 28, 2009

Haven’t been on a ride with the group for about a month plus I did 422 km in the week leading up to this ride so that is my excuse for what follows :).

It was a very good ride this morning and I felt pretty good, staying easily with the group even though the pace was probably a bit higher than normal and I lead a section up to the Mounts Bay Road “sprint.”

I was on the front for the start of roll through on Mounts Bay Road and that was it for me. I quickly dropped off the back as the pace was just too much. I then tried to catch another rider who was also dropped but without luck. I rejoined the group at UWA as we have a slow down for re-grouping but I then slowly dropped off again, just not having the legs to keep up the pace.

So I finished the ride all on my lonesome, averaging 29 km/h, about a 1 km/h off the pace. I suspect I need to do some more work to get myself back up to group pace. Will miss next week’s ride due to an Audax ride on Sunday so will be back in a fortnight.

I am disappointed I got dropped as the ride was going really smoothly.

Ride: January 17, 2009

A few new riders on the ride yesterday morning including a nice new shiny Malvern Star 🙂 (not mine) and the numbers where up. I guess people getting back into after the holidays.

We averaged 30.1 km/h which surpised me as where slow for the first 30 km. Must have been the blast up Mounts Bay Road that up the averaged. The road was open but a bit of haze around from the bush fire Kings Park. I am blaming the haze for getting dropped on this section 🙂 Must have impacted on my breathing, right.

We had a few scary moments with Commodore drivers (2) and Holden ute drivers (4) including one that tried to pass us with a group of riders coming the other way and then on his second attempt, he took on a solo rider and a blind corner! Thankfully made it through with no one hurt.

All up, light winds and cool temperatures added to a good ride which was well lead by Anna.


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