Cannondale Airspeed Maximum Carbon Pump Owner Review

I purchased my Cannondale Airspeed Maximum Carbon pump from Chain Reaction Cycles Ltd in June 2008 for $44.74 landed.

Initial Impressions | Field Experience

Initial Impressions

The Airspeed has a nice look, being a carbon wrapped allow pump.  It is quite long at 280 mm, but that is what attracted it to me.  Long narrow pumps are meant to be better at getting higher pressure than shorter mini-pumps.  That and that carbon look as I am using it on my Look 555 :).  Despite its length the pump weighs only 128 g plus the mounting bracket (18 g).  It should be noted this is a presta valve only pump.

Overall I have found the finish of the pump is good and the handle locks in well. It has a solid feel to it.

Field Experience

June 2, 2010. Well the pump is two years old this month. I went to use it today and it failed. Just wouldn’t push any air. Stripped it down and cleaned it up but not much else to do and it still will not work, so in the bin it goes.

January 21, 2009.  I have had my first opportunity to actually use the Cannondale Airspeed in anger for the first time.  The only problem I had with the pump was that my spare tube had a short valve, which gave me little clearance and this pump seems to need to get well on to the valve to work effectively. Once I got a good connection it work a treat, easily getting the pressure up to around 100 psi.  Sure beats my Topeak Pocket MasterBaster, which I will likely replace with another Airspeed if I keep my CRX 1.

I had been considering going to CO2 but having used the Cannondale I might well stick to the pump and save the environment.

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