Garfield – Week 05 – February 6, 2009

It is Garfield time again. Along with Garfield you can now find my CalorieKing diary online, calories and all.  These numbers are a bit misleading as I was “off” for week following a small operation and so it has been a few weeks since I did the deed and measured myself. Hopefully back on track now.

My Garfield statistics for Week 05 of 2009 are:

Weights and Measurements

Today’s Weight (kg): 95.50 kg – Overweight
Movement from last week (+ or – 0.1 kg): NA
Weight July 2007: 113 kg (- 19.00 kg since July 2007)
Target Weight (kg): 81 kg

Waist Measurement: 114.0 cm (Aggregate – 17 cm)
WHR: 1.07
BMI Prime: 1.18


Km ridden this week: 283.59 KM
2009 Weekly Average: 266.24 km
200 Predicated mileage: 13,844 km (Goal = 12,000 km)

Cost per Km: NA

153 out 3449 in the World (- 82 places)
27th in Australia (- 15 places)
4th in Perth (- 3 places)
13th in the Bicycling Network Australia Club (- 8 places)

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