City of Stirling Cycling Survey

Map of the City of Stirling

Map of the City of Stirling

The City of Stirling is seeking input from cyclists who ride or through the City of Stirling. Joanne Burgess, City of Stirling TravelSmart Officer is seeking input in the public consultation process being undertaken by the City as part of its development of a new bike plan.

The survey is now available for download here. It is a PDF document, so it does need to be printed and mailed or faxed back to the City of Stirling.

Joanne has posted in the Australian Cycling Forums that the:

The questions are quite specific, so if there are any other issues that you would like to raise with us that arent (sic) addressed in the survey, please feel free to email them through on the same email address. This account has been set up specifically for on-going feedback about cycling issues within our area so please make use of it, now and in the future!

You are encouraged to complete the survey and to note the City of Stirling contact email address so you can keep the Council informed about cycling matters.

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