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Reading the posting by Nick Morgan, Do you Need That of Pressure at reminded me that I have a pair of Skins Sports Long Tights and hence a review of same was probably worthwhile. So here goes. I like Nick’s closing comment:

The only real practical advice I can give at the moment is to ignore the results on the use of compression garments and try them out. If they feel good to wear during cycling, then wear them during cycling, and if they feel good during recovery, wear them during recovery.”

I have sought of taken Nick’s advice and decided that the don’t feel good cycling in them so I don’t. Do they feel good during recovery? They feel fine, do they help me? I am not so sure and without really noticing it I stopped wearing them and I really don’t feel that I have lost out by that decision.

To put my comments in context I brought the Skins Sports with intention of assisting in my recovery when I ride my longer commute from Joondalup to Fremantle. This commute is approximately 42 km and for a significant portion of the year is into strong headwinds (sometimes up to 60 km/h, regularly around 35 to 40 km/h) and I have to make the return ride the next morning. At the time of buying the Skins I was finding the return ride quite hard and thought that the Skins might assist in the recovery and hence make the ride in the morning that much easier.

I really found it hard to judge if there were having an impact and as I commented early, I found that after awhile I was forgetting to wear them after rides, while in the mean time my morning return ride was improving anyway. In all honestly I think I just needed to toughen up. Now my skins are worn as leg warmers, exepnsive ones at that. Would I buy a pair again?   Probably not unless I could get some noticable benefit from them or there is strong research to encourage me to wear them as a compression garment.

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  1. Blake Rogers 22 June 2010 at 5:00 AM #

    i always use leg warmers during the winter months to feel comfy.”.

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