Ride through the Town of Claremont? Let them know your views

The Town of Claremont has released its draft traffic management plan, called CONNECTINGClaremont. The plan has eight objectives, one objective relates to cycling and that is given as:

To improve community safety

Our streets have been constructed as corridors rather than as places. This conveys an expectation to
motorists that they have priority over everyone else. Roads can be unsafe, particularly for vulnerable users
such as pedestrians and cyclists. The number and vulnerability of these users is likely to increase with the
ageing of the Town’s community, people with disabilities, and other external factors such as increase in fuel
prices leading to other modes of transport.

Therefore, the TMP seeks to continue to improve the safety and perceived safety of the Town’s transport networks.

The traffic management plan (TMP) has a section focusing on Walking and Cycling with a very clear focus on walking rather that at least a balanced focus on both walking and cycling.  In this section four position statements are put forward. Of those four position statements, only two mention cycling.  They are:

WC:P3  Monitoring and maintenance of pedestrian and cycle paths and public spaces will be increased. This will incorporate footpaths and shared paths in the Town’s Infrastructure renewal programme.

WC:P4  Provide strategic management, advocacy and coordination of walking cycling initiatives in the Town.

The TMP goes on to suggest nine actions. Whilst these proposed actions do mention cycling, only one of the actions is actually focused on cycling with the remainder having a pedestrian emphasis.  While it is important to improve pedestrian access, there is a need for good quality cycling infrasture as cyclists have distinctly different needs from pedestrians. Lumping cyclists in with pedestrians is not an ideal outcome will achive little in the way of encouraging and promoting cycling in the Town.

Time is short to provide the Council with feedback on the plan as the deadline closes on Wednesday May 6, 2009 but please do consider providing feedback to the Council.  Details on how to provide feedback  can be found on the Council’s website.

My thanks to the BTA EBulletin for raising awareness of the TMP.

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