Cycling Traffic Data for Perth in 2009

The Department of Planning and Infrastructure has released some 2009 cycling traffic data for Perth, Western Australia.

Interesting reading even though it is currently incomplete and lacks detail on collection.

It does however highlight usage of the various major feeder routes into the City, with the southern route, the Kwianna Freeway PSP seemingly attracting nearly three times the usage of the northern route, the Mitchell Freeway PSP. This raises the question as to why. Is there less cyclists north of the river or is the poor state of the Mitchell Freeway Principal Shared Path the cause? Or is the variance a result of the filtering of the southern riders via the Narrows whereas the “northern” riders have more access points.  Questions to ponder…

A quick update thanks to CycleSnail. Quoting CycleSnail …

The nine measuring points are new devices. It is a pole with a solar cell on top and a little box on the side. The sensors are under the path, and as I understand it the software can figure out what causes the impulses. Transmission is wireless. The data I think goes to MainRoads, then to the engineering wizard at bikewest. I remember a mention of $14000 per device. The locations are permanent.

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