Post Recall Mavic R-SYS Front Wheel Failure

Back in January 2009 Mavic recalled their R-SYS carbon front wheels. Well it may be possible that Mavic has not resolved the problem if this report by VeloNews is anything to go by. Ben Delaney describes the failure incident in his blog posting at VeloNews:

Coming around a corner, I felt a shimmy through the front of my bike. I straightened up out of the turn to bring the bike under control. A second or two later I catapulted over the handlebars. The rim of my front wheel had completely detached from the hub. I had not hit anything — not another rider, a curb or even a rock. I landed on my head and broke my shoulder. The front wheel was Mavic’s second generation, post-recall carbon-spoke R-Sys wheel.

The full blog posting can be found here. It will be interesting to see if Mavic issue a second recall on these wheels. Is it a warning to stay away from carbon-spoke wheels?


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