Mavic Respond to R-Sys Failure Report

The recent story at VeloNews on the failure of a Mavic R-Sys carbon wheel has resulted in a reply from Mavic which VeloNews have published in full.  I am not so sure this was a smart move by Mavic, as it appears to about blame shifting rather than addressing the issue here of a recalled wheel failure.

Some interesting issues come from Mavic’s response.

They indicate that the wheel model has been subjected to extensive testing, yet they where recalled.  How extensive and reliable is Mavic’s testing?

They indicate that the testing include ProTour testing, yet the failure appears to be in-contravention with UCI rules on wheels.

All the  kelvar “tethers” broke. No comment on this aspect from Mavic so far.

Irrespective of the “cause” should the wheel failed like this at all?

Time I think to reconsider the purchase of Mavic carbon wheels and if you have them maybe a visit to your LBS is warranted.

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