City of Subiaco Active Shopper Challenge

The City of Subiaco is currently running a promotion promoting shopping and sustainable transport in the City of Subiaco.  I am not sure that consumerism and sustainability go together, but then on the other hand cyclists are well known for suffering upgraditis.

The above notwithstanding, the challenge requires the shopper to cycle to the shops for twelve trips from October through to December. This could involve cycling to your local DVD store, the newsagent, or picking up some midweek groceries.

Shoppers who take part in the challenge have access to a bike diary that allows them to track their trips, while providing them with personalised information about kilojoules burned, money and greenhouse gases saved.

So if you shop in Subiaco, this promotion might be for you. Registration closes September 30, 2009 and there are three bikes plus gear up for grabs worth $860 each.

More details on the challenge can be found at the City of Subiaco website. My thanks to the BTA E-Bulletin for flagging this promotion.

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