Look Keo 2 Max and Keo Blade Pedals

Okay, I am a Look tragic, so when I find cool stuff on Look products I like to share and drool a bit. has a video coming out of Eurobike 2009 on the new Look Keo 2 Max and Blade Pedals. I differently wouldn’t mind checking out the Max pedals for Froggie for sure. If they are good enough for Contador … 🙂 have a separate blog posting on the new Keo Blades which see the introduction of a leaf spring (thinks old time car suspension systems), a carbon leaf spring into the pedal.

James Huang has this to say on the new Keo Blades:

The carbon material’s unique spring curve does lend a distinctly snappier and more positive feel when clipping in and out when compared to a conventional KéO. Entry and exit are smooth and fluid as usual but you’re either very much ‘in’ or very much ‘out’ with no vagueness in between.

These are not likely to cheap pedals by any means with a price ex Europe of around AU$700 retail. Ouch!

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