Spring has arrived and so have the Magpies – Magpie attack location map

Don’t you love the Magpies (not referring to Collingwood Football Club here)?  Well being spring, they are out and about protecting their young and/or territory as the want maybe.  To help us locate these pesky magpies, there is now an Australian wide magpie attack location map.

So if you have have been attacked, let others know by adding to this public (Australia-wide) map or if you just want to know where to avoid them, again check out this map. Blue markers indicate the location of attacks.

To add to the map, log-in to Google (you will need a Google account). Click this link then select Edit, choose the blue marker icon and drag it to your location. Click Done then Save to finalise.

My thanks to Adelaide Cyclists for promoting this map.

View Western Australia in a larger map

This map was originally created by Nick Bron.

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