Green Oil Ecological Chain Lube

new Green Oiljp small I came across this interesting product by chance. It is called Green Oil Ecological Chain Lube and is manufactured by Green Oil UK Limited. Green Oil is a ‘wet lube’, which is claimed is suitable for all riding conditions, rain or shine. All that said what interested me about the product, is as a green consumer and cyclist, is its claimed ecological footprint.  From the manufacturer’s website it is claimed that:

  • Green Oil contains advanced long-chain molecules to reduce friction and to repel water molecules with the aim of inhibiting rust and corrosion therefore prolonging chain life;
  • Green Oil is manufactured from naturally occurring plant extracts, a blend of which produces a high performance lubricant. Green Oil contains no animal derivatives;
  • Green Oil’s components are balanced to give a high-performance lubricant that stays on the chain;
  • Green Oil does not contain petrochemical components, or Teflon. Subsequently, it is not irritant or hazardous, and is not dangerous for the environment.

The question remains can Green Oil live up to its expectations whilst providing cyclists a nice warm green feeling?

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