Surly Long Haul Trucker 500 km Winter Service – September 20, 2009

Sir Lancelot, my Surly Long Haul Trucker received a “winter” service today at 4,272km.  Winter services are carried out during winter and spring due to the wet weather riding conditions experienced.

This service consisted of:

  1. Degreasing the chain using a Park’s Tool CM-5 Cyclone Chain Scrubber and Australian Export degreaser;
  2. Application of Rock and Roll Gold chain lube to the chain;
  3. Checking of chain wear with a Park Tools CC-3 Chain Wear indicator -  no issues on this front;
  4. Checking the tension on all bolts and screws on Sir Lancelot. 
  5. Cleaning the bike. 
  6. Removed the Continental Travel Contacts and replaced them with 700x28C Continental Grand Prix 4-Season V tires.
  7. Two special nuts which hold the SKS Chromoplastic P50 mudguards on at the rear have dropped out. I have attempted to contact SKS about getting replacements with no reply so far.  Why do business bother to have contact forms if they do not reply? In the meantime I have wired the stays to the guard. Hopefully this will do the trick.
  8. Fitted my wired Sigma Sports BC 1606 L bike computer as a temporary measure to replace my out of action Garmin Edge 305.

Due to time constraints service points three and four where not completed with this service.


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