Looking for an excuse to eat French cuisine?

Well, if you ride a bike you may have just the reason :)  Maybe another good reason to get out of your car an on your bike.

Christine Bailey of Cycling Plus has written and interesting article for considering the benefits of French cuisine, smaller portions and eating slow for the cyclist.  Christine states:

But the French paradox involves much more than just the type of food. Recent studies have shown that smaller portion sizes in France may explain why they can seemingly eat mussels drenched in garlic butter and still stay slim.

In fact, on average they consume far fewer calories than we do. This is partly because of their mindful style of eating – the French savour their food. For them, it seems, eating is a life-enriching pleasure, not a chore.

Eating in France is very much a social activity. By taking things more slowly, there’s plenty of time between courses for the body to work out when it’s full. So for them, it’s quality that counts, not quantity.  (my emphasis)

Christine has more to say on the topic, so do consider reading her article at

Maybe this is just the excuse I need to visit the Loose Box 🙂

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