City of Stirling Installs Gates to Slow Down Cyclists

The following is reproduce from the September 2009 issue of the City of Stirling publication, StirlingScene.

It seems from the article that City of Stirling is taking steps to address what they describe as high risk areas of interaction between cyclists and pedestrians. It is a pity that the City of Stirling hasn’t as yet seen fit to develop decent road facilities in the same area to address the interaction risks experienced by cyclists using the road legitimately.  Maybe that would have been a far more constructive approach City of Stirling!

The article …

The City of Stirling is committed to providing and encouraging the use of safe and enjoyable recreational facilities, including the use of shared footpaths along our beautiful coastal strip.

Trigg Beach Surf Club represents one of the highest risk areas in terms of safety and conflict between pedestrians and cyclists, with a number of incidents recorded [Ed: no specifics provided]. A survey of the area established the speed levels of cyclists and found some were riding at up to 34-40 kilometres per hour along the dual use purpose footpaths [Ed: no specifics or link to the survey provided; isn’t it a dual use path, not a footpath? It is illegal to ride on a footpath unless accompanying a child under 12 years old!].

In response to and as part of the City’s new Bike Plan [Ed: not available on the Council’s website], solutions have been developed that will reduce the speed of cyclists, making footpaths [Ed: Ah get it right City of Stirling!] safer for walkers, joggers and families [Ed: Apparently cyclists don’t count … nice one].

The plan represents an important step towards preparing for the roll-out of several more treatments over the next few years [Ed: Oh boy can’t wait for the treatment …].

Trigg Beach is a popular and attractive recreational area, so it is important that footpath [Ed: I give up … Dual Use Path City of Stirling … which part don’t you understand?] safety issues are addressed.

The works, expected to occur in October, involve the installation [Ed: Here it comes … the killer safety feature] two ‘gate’-like chicanes, one at the Trigg Beach Clarko Reserve and the other at the Surf Life Saving Club, which will force [Ed: those evil] cyclists to slow down to 10 kilometres per hour in order to get through, whilst allowing pedestrians to use the path as usual. [Ed: What happens between the gates? What happens on the rest of the path?] [My emphasis]

For more information on the City’s Bike Plan, please contact the City on 9345 8555 [Ed: Completed the City’s contact form requesting an electronic copy].

It will be interesting to compare the approach taken by the City of Stirling here against the works currently being undertaken by the City of Joondalup just to the north on the same coastal strip.  I suspect we will see quite a contrast in the maturity and approaches of the Council’s to dual use facilities with my vote going hands down to the City of Joondalup.

3 Responses to City of Stirling Installs Gates to Slow Down Cyclists

  1. Fairy 23 September 2009 at 2:29 PM #

    mmm foot path or dual use? I like the terminology there.
    basically explains what they really think, and who gets the preference.

  2. Fairy 23 September 2009 at 11:29 PM #

    mmm foot path or dual use? I like the terminology there.
    basically explains what they really think, and who gets the preference.


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