Councillor Proud – City of Stirling Responds

In my recent post with respect to the City of Stirling’s bike plan I raised a number of questions, concerns which I put to Council Proud one of my local councillors. I received the following response today.

Hello again Mr. Priest,

Thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately, the questions you are seeking clarification on are best answered by Mr. Offer as they are of a ‘procedural’ nature and he is best placed to respond as he is the manager of that specific project, amongst others.

Whether or not it is appropriate for an officer to monitor specific websites I’m unable to comment on however, I would venture to say that if it is relative to his position/role with regard to a specific issue or project I believe it would be expected.

Cheers, Steph

I guess it was to much to expect the Councillor to actually represent the community or to have a reasonable understanding of the Local Government Act 1995 as amended. Division 7 comes to mind as a starting point.  Lesson learnt. Don’t bother contacting or attempting to interact with the City of Stirling or expecting them to actually allow the community to comment on proposed plans. Apparently that is a procedural matter. Makes you wonder why we elect Councillors then …. Oh well, back to riding my bike, but not on the shared path along the coast within the City of Stirling.

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