How to recover from hard rides

fred_whitton_medium continue their excellent series of nutrition articles with a new article by Christine Bailey of Cycling Plus on the subject of how to recover from hard rides.

Christine suggests that it is not only what you consume after a ride that is important but when you consume it.  She suggests three recovery time points:

15 minutes post the ride – focus on re-hydration

30 minutes post the ride – carbs and proteins

120 minutes post the ride – square meal

Christine also suggest giving consideration to the use of recovery supplements if you are still feeling sore or sluggish after re-fuelling well.

My only criticism with this article and these sorts of articles, is that (a) hard ride is not defined or qualified and (b) it is really not clear what sort of rider is being targeted here. Does a 1 hour commute count as a hard ride for example?

The above notwithstanding the full article can be read at

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