Recall: Easton EA30 aluminium bicycle stem

Easton EA30 Aluminium four bolt stem The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Recalls Australia has announced a recall of Easton EA30 aluminium four bolt bicycle stems, manufactured between January, 2007 and August, 2009.  According to Recalls Australia, the stems are date coded from January, 2007 (A7) through August, 2009 (H9).

The reason for the recall is that

Stem could break in use, causing an accident, resulting in serious injury or death.

According to Recalls Australia

The wall thickness of the extension tube varied. One report of a stem breaking in the field, in Germany, resulting in minor injuries. Stem passed US standard in all tests, but failed in recent European stem standardized testing. Issue has been corrected.

If you believe you have a stem which is subject to this recall notice, you should contact your retailer ASAP.

Easton products are manufactured by Easton Sports, Inc and are distributed in Australia by Apollo.

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