Freo Wheelers New Ride Routes – Wandi Rides

210682Thanks to bikestuffwa at Freo Wheelers (formally Bike Force Fremantle) for the following news piece on the new Freo Wheelers ride routes, the Wandi Rides.

Over the last few weeks the group leaders and some other keen riders have met up to discuss a couple of issues and other ideas for improving the regular Freo Wheeler rides. One of the main things that everyone was keen to do was to establish a set of alternate courses for all the groups, similar to the ‘Around the river’ routes, starting with heading south of the river.

Group 2 had already developed a course that took them to Wandi, (thanks Bob) and now a series of routes for 4, 3.5 3, 2.5 and 1, have also been created, to merge with the 2s Wandi ride, the “Wandi rides“.

We will be riding these routes this Saturday, October 24, 2009, from Bike Force NOT La Tropicana, and if successful, again the following week, to reinforce the route. Details of the routes and maps have been loaded onto the files section of the Freo Wheelers Yahoo Group. When you look at each map you will notice how they merge, and hence, where obvious shortcuts exist, when needed.

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